Established alongside our Barrister Practice Management Company, Facilitate provides services to Experts and the legal profession as a whole.

When Experts join our panel they can expect a high level of service from a team of experienced Clerks. Marketing, practice management and fee/aged debt collection delivered with ease is at the heart of what we do.

We provide our Lawyer clients with detailed reports and a seamless service. A report request is handled from beginning to end by our highly experienced and skillful team who will communicate with you every step of the way, making assessment appointments and helping you keep track of your case.

“A while ago I counted up the value of my unpaid invoices, and it amounted to five figures. I struggled to find the time to chase them up, and I was reluctant to employ a debt collection agency. Fortunately I discovered Facilitate, who agreed to recover my money for a small commission. They seem to have the knack of encouraging even the most reluctant lawyers to pay up, and I heartily recommend them. They even gave me advice on how to set out my invoices in a way that not only encourages early payment, but also aids recovery of the funds in the event of late payment. Needless to say the oldest invoices are now paid, and we are working our way through the more recent ones.”

Shawn Halpin | Consultant Neuroradiologist